Ask Cynthia a Question – June 14, 2012

MAGGIE ASKED:  Please explain to me what the difference is between “Sea Salt” and “Kosher Salt”. Which one is best for cooking and why? Do they eliminate the need to add regular salt in cooking? Which one is healthier?

MY ANSWER:  Salt is a much more curious subject than I would have ever dreamed. I’m sending you some past copies of recent newsletters so you can get caught up on the subject. But in answer to your immediate questions, both sea salt and kosher salt have minerals in them where regular table salt does not. My preference is kosher salt, it has more flavor rather than just tasting salty. Only use one type of salt in a dish. Generally, if kosher salt is used one can use more salt but I’d start with the usual amount and then add more if needed. For baking regular table salt should always be your choice; fine ground sea salt is okay, but never use coarse kosher salt for baking. Here’s a link to Saltworks that you’ll find informative about different types of salt. Thank you for your question and for your interest in Ask Cynthia a Question.

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