Ask Cynthia a Question – June 28, 2012

Cindy BriggsMARIE ASKED: I noticed in your column you mentioned a “gravy separator.” What is that? I am not familiar with this.

MY ANSWER: Yes, I’ve used a gravy separator for years. It’s a tool I couldn’t be without in my kitchen for removing excess fat from gravy as well as marinara sauce, enchilada sauce, chicken or beef stock, pot roast gravy, etc. It saves me the time of refrigerating food overnight to remove hardened fat or watering sauces down by using ice cubes to harden grease. My gravy separator is hard clear plastic and I use a small mesh sieve in the top to strain the gravy before it goes into the separator. There are some really nice gravy separators on the market.  If you’re thinking of purchasing one, here are some sites to help you decide which one fits your needs: Gravy separators, Pampered Chef, and CHOW. Here’s a Demonstration Video on how a gravy separator works, and here’s a article that tells why it works (think vinegar and oil). Thank you for your question and for taking an interest in Ask Cynthia a Question.

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