Ask Cynthia a Question – July 11, 2012

Cindy BriggsBobbi’s question (comment): Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! This isn’t an Ask Cynthia a Question but additional comments to the sea salt/kosher salt discussion.

I picked up some pretty pink Himalayan salt at the Metropolitan Market (in Seattle) and I love it. There was a huge display of salts from around the world. I had never seen anything like it and I was so impressed I decided to try some. I bought the “pink stuff” and some that was infused with a smoky taste, both were coarse salt. I experimented with each and found the smoky was way too smoky for me so I gave it to my son who grills a lot and he really likes it.

I have used my pink salt on salads, Washington State salmon and pork roast; it adds a flavor but doesn’t shout “SALT”. I am salt sensitive so have used herbs in my cooking for many years but have found a new cooking tool with the different salts. Thanks for the salt questions.

My answer: I hope Bobbi’s comments will encourage you to be adventurous with using salt in your cooking. Using different flavored or kosher salts opens up a whole new world in enhancing the flavor of everyday cooking and grilling. Keep in mind too, all salt (other than common table salt) has additional minerals in it. Thank you for your comment Bobbi, and for your interest in Ask Cynthia a Question.


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