Ask Cynthia a Question – November 29, 2012

Ann asked: With all the concern about buying organic, even butter, eggs and cheese, have you found any butter, eggs or cheese that don’t break the bank at the cash register?

My answer: This is a tough one because it’s a fact that buying organic costs us more. Personally, I think the way to get the best bargain is to shop around to find the grocery stores, produce markets or farms and farmers’ markets that you can trust and who consistently offer the best prices and the freshest products. Much depends on what’s available in your area.

In Albuquerque we had Whole Foods and Sunflower Market and I purchased most of my organic at Sunflower because they were cheaper although I had to closely read the organic labeling and the freshness dates. We also had a few farmers’ markets but it’s sometimes difficult to coordinate with their location and/or days of operation. Trader Joe’s is a good source if there’s one in your area, just watch the freshness codes. I also think the regular grocery stores are doing a better job of stocking organic products although labels have to be carefully read. If the grocery store products can be trusted, the items are usually, certainly not always, fresher because of a more rapid turnover.

Know your store, the pricing on various items and read your labels are my best pieces of advice. Here’s an article about What You Should & Shouldn’t Buy Organic. Thank you, Ann, for your question and your interest in Ask Cynthia a Question. Happy Holidays!

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