Country Cook News – December 7, 2012

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Fresh Cranberry Apple Salsa is a recipe given to me by my husband’s cousin, Carol Phillips, who lives in Illinois. With just one bite this unusual cranberry salsa became my favorite recipe for this holiday season. Serve it with a touch of jalapeno or a lot of jalapeno, either way you’ll have a sweet and zingy appetizer that’s sure to spice up your party! Thank you, Carol, for sharing this recipe!

This week I’m shining the spotlight on The Meltaways…Sharing Food, Family and Fun on our Journey to Fit as Blog of the Week. Pam, who started the site in January 2012, shares home cooking style recipes along with her journey toward losing weight in her “Forty Three Plan.” Her recipes are family friendly and often accompanied with reminiscent tales of the recipe itself or about her family and friends. Lip-smacking down-home recipes with touching and poignant conversation.


Prevent Stains: Spray rubber spatulas, plastic food storage containers and mixing bowls with non-stick cooking spray to prevent tomato based dishes from staining. This also works well for preventing strong colored spices such as turmeric, curry, etc. from staining rubber and plastic.

Are you going to make rolls from scratch for your holiday dinner this year or are you going to purchase them? Here are some suggestions from ATK for choosing the best frozen dinner rolls that are “not recommended” by ATK (???). I take their rating to mean ATK thinks all frozen dinner rolls are sub-standard. So here’s my mom’s recipe, which I’ve named Mom’s Fabulous Dinner Rolls. They’re old fashioned, soft pull apart dinner rolls that are so worth the time and effort. There is no comparison between homemade and frozen rolls but to save yourself time in the kitchen on a big dinner day, bake the rolls ahead and freeze them for later. No one will ever know they weren’t fresh baked that morning especially once they’re re-heated. If you must purchase frozen rolls, my advice is to destroy the evidence by stuffing the printed dinner roll wrappers into a brown paper bag and then hide it under some heavy junk in the bottom of a trash can. How do I know this technique? I’ve done it more than once…

This week I’m asking a question for Julie who is looking for a chocolate raisin nut drop cookie where the chocolate is melted using a boiling water technique (pre-microwave days). She believes the recipe to be in the 1960, 1962 or 1963, unrevised “Joy of Cooking” cookbook. We have established that the recipe is not in the 1964 hard cover or 1964 paperback editions. Please help us find the cookie recipe that Julie remembers her mother making at Christmastime when she was a child. Fond memories of sharing delicious food with close family and friends are precious to us all. Let’s give Julie a Christmas to remember by finding her the cherished cookie recipe. Thank you to everyone.

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