Ask Cynthia a Question – January 3, 2013

Cindy 2003 Photo smallWANTED: A chocolate raisin nut drop cookie where the chocolate is melted and then added to the cookie batter. The recipe is thought to be in the 1960, 1962 or 1963 unrevised copies of the Joy of Cooking cookbooks. Please send an e-mail to if you have any information about his recipe.

Julie S. contacted me before the holidays seeking the recipe for the cookies her mother baked for her as a child. With the exception of the original 1931 edition of the Joy of Cooking, ’60, ’62 and ’63 editions are among the most valuable copies. I have promised Julie that I’ll find the recipe, so please check your cookbooks! You might find the recipe and learn that your Joy of Cooking is worth more than what your grandmother originally paid for it.

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