Ask Cynthia a Question – January 9, 2013

Cindy 2003 Photo smallCarol asked: I love ketchup and I have not found any organic or sugar-free ketchup I like. Do you make your own ketchup? I would love to replicate Heinz ketchup without all the sugar.

My answer: I’ve never made homemade ketchup. It’s a food I don’t often eat and I only use it in small amounts in some recipes. To replicate any store-bought ketchup will be close to impossible without using some type of sweetener because all commercially made ketchup is loaded with sugar and/or corn syrup although specialty stores might carry ketchup made with honey, stevia, etc.

I’d suggest you choose a recipe for homemade ketchup that appeals to you and then substitute the sugar with honey, stevia, molasses (small amount), and agave; whatever natural sweetener you prefer. All the recipes I found for homemade ketchup called for sugar except the recipe on where they use raw sugar and agave. If you’re really trying to duplicate, then the sweetener might have to be greatly increased to your taste. Make sure to use molasses is tiny amounts and you might try mixing the sweeteners rather than using just one.

Some recipes for making homemade ketchup: EpicuriousJamie Oliver on the Food Network, a skinny version from and tomato ketchup from In the Raw  which is interesting because it’s made using canned tomatoes. Good luck! Thank you, Carol, for your question.

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