Ask Cynthia a Question – April 3, 2013

Cindy BriggsDanielle asked: Mango Lassies are an East Indian delight and a must when dining at Indian food restaurants. Do you have a Mango Lassie recipe to share? 

My answer: A mango lassie (or mango milkshake) is a sweet, cold mango drink that is often enjoyed when dining on East Indian food. It’s an especially pleasing way to fend off negative effects of spicy foods or upset stomach. Here are a few sites that offer their rendition of a mango lassie: Pham Fatale is my best choice, with Jamie Olver from the Food Network and What’s Cooking America as slight variations.

The recipe you like most will much depend on your personal taste for sweetness vs. tartness. Good luck and let me know which recipe you find to be the best tasting, although it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to mangoes. For added sweetness and texture, dip the glass rim in coarsely ground sugar…yum! Thank you, Danielle, for your question.

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