Ask Cynthia a Question – May 1, 2013

Cindy 2003 Photo smallMary Jean’s Question: What are your secrets for making perfect scrambled eggs?  No whites or stringy parts of the egg visible, and can you get perfection with using only water, or do you have to use milk?

My Answer: Scrambled eggs are made according to personal taste. Some like them soft and squishy, others like them more firm and hard. If you like soft, cook them on low heat and for not very long; if you like them in fine pieces, chop with a spatula as they’re cooking on low heat. Water gives fluffier scrambled eggs than milk where the addition of milk will make them heavier in texture. Many people make the mistake of cooking eggs on medium to high heat. Keeping the heat low is most beneficial and if your eggs are brown (or greenish) the heat is too high or they’ve been cooked too long. Remember, cooking eggs is much like a pregnancy – it can’t be hurried.

I whip together two eggs in a small bowl using a fork, and then add a pinch of salt, pepper and dried parsley flakes. I whip in about 1 tablespoon of water and beat them again with the fork until there is no visible white or seasoning. Sometimes I add a few splashes of Louisiana hot sauce. Then I cook them in butter over low heat. I almost always melt shredded cheese over the top of my eggs just as they finish cooking. Scrambled eggs served with picante sauce and fresh cilantro is a favorite in my house. Thank you for your question, Mary Jean, and for your interest in Ask Cynthia a Question.

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