Ask Cynthia a Question – June 25, 2013

Cindy 2003 Photo smallHelen asked: Do you grow your own tomatoes every year?

My answer: When we lived in Washington State I planted tomatoes every year and had great results some years and terrible results other years depending on the weather. Oddly, when we moved to New Mexico where the summers are long and the weather is hot, I couldn’t grow a tomato to save myself.

Here in Houston I’m inching into growing tomatoes. This year I planted one cherry tomato plant and it’s already producing enough for snacking and a few to add to an occasional salad. If this plant survives the summer then next year I’ll put in two plants. I guess what I’m saying is that tomatoes aren’t difficult to grow but I don’t have a whole lot of luck with growing them.

Last check: There’s something eating the tomatoes. Can’t find any bugs. I sprayed them with a water and dish soap solution. I’m on the warpath to protect and preserve‚Ķ

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