Country Cook News – October 25, 2013

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This week’s “Pumpkins on Parade” begins with PUMPKIN PIE CINNAMON ROLLS from, then PUMPKIN PIE DUMP CAKE serves as the grand marshal and PUMPKIN PIE COFFEE CAKE steals the show as it brings up the tail end of the parade. Happy Pumpkin Huntin’.


Take a look at this Turtle Pecan Cluster Cheesecake! I know it’s not pumpkin but I felt the need to put you in touch with A Farmgirl’s Dabbles, which is our Blog of the Week. If you poke around on “FarmGirl’s” site you’ll find plenty of pumpkin recipes starting with Pumpkin and Fudge Layer Bars with Salty Crunchy Streusel and Melt-in-your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies both of which look like
perfect desserts for Halloween or Harvest parties. Farmgirl tempts us with casual, anytime fare like Grilled Caribbean Jerk Shrimp, Crunchy Southwest Ranch Lettuce Wraps and Cheesy Turkey Taco Cups with Zesty Lime Cream.

Site owner, Brenda, says, A Farmgirl’s Dabbles is where my passion for preserving all my favorite things runs as deep as my roots in the South Dakota soil. I’m fueled by family, friends, fabulous food, & alotta faith. Her passion is apparent in literally 100s of down-home, country style biscuits, canning and preserving, grilling, desserts and soups, stews and salad dressings that she shares with blog visitors. She offers a Recipe Box for meal planning and Links of Interest. Right from your computer you can shop your heart out for kitchen equipment, cookbooks, camera equipment or maybe some orange blossom honey. Brenda’s blog is or you can follow her on Twitter @Farmgirlsdabble. You’ll be glad you stopped by for a visit with A Farmgirl’s Dabbles!


Did you know the Irish brought the tradition of carving turnips to America? Eventually carving pumpkins came about because pumpkins are more plentiful on the North American continent. More interesting and fun facts about pumpkins.



A handful of pumpkin seeds contain more L-tryptophan than an entire turkey dinner. Eating them reduces worries, promotes sleep and even boosts your mood. These seeds are also high in magnesium so they’re a natural muscle relaxant. Who would have thought?


Beat cooked, mashed pumpkin with an electric mixer to remove coarse, distasteful strings. The strings will adhere to the beaters so they can be easily discarded.



Or organize an old-fashioned apple-bobbing–either way, be sure to use fruits with red skin. They’re rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that is research-proven to boost your mood and your energy! Woman’s World Magazine, October 28, 2013, Number 43.


Scary Halloween Treats
Here are 25 scary Halloween treats from “Close to Home.”


ASK CYNTHIA A QUESTION – October 25, 2013
Margaret asked: I’ve decided to use fresh pumpkin for my pies this year. Any tips?

My answer: After removing all the seeds and scrubbing the outer skin, bake your pumpkin pieces upside down (flesh down with skin up) on a baking sheet. Do not boil the pumpkin or you’ll end up with a half custard and half pumpkin pie. Once the pumpkin is cooked the skin can easily be removed. Coarsely mash the pumpkin and use the KITCHEN TIP above to remove coarse strings, and then put it through a sieve. The pumpkin mixture should be very thick. Use the pumpkin pulp just as you’d use canned pumpkin. A side note: It’s been proven that pumpkin pulp can ward off diabetes and in some case it has been known to completely reverse the disease. Good luck, Margaret, and thank you for your question.


Happy Halloween!


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