100 Award-Winning Inspirational Stories

The true stories in the four volumes of Seasons of Our Lives — Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter will charm, intrigue, captivate, and inspire you because they speak of our lives almost as much as they do the authors’. The details of childhood, coming of age, adulthood, and aging—of passion, friendship, love, sacrifice, betrayal, disappointment, survival, and unexpected joy—of lives intersecting with history—of ordinary yet extraordinary experiences are unique to these award-winning authors and yet at their core these stories tell of all our lives.

seasons of our lives - spring seasons of our lives - summer seasons of our lives - winter seasons of our lives - autumn

WomensMemoirs.com held four contests and received hundreds of remarkable stories. Award-winning authors and memoir coaches Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett, editors of these four volumes of life stories, read each submission, ranked them, and then made decisions on the winners. These four volumes contain the award-winning stories. Cynthia Briggs’ tale, By the Seat of our Pants was chosen for Summer, Turkey Jerky for Thanksgiving Dinner for the Autumn volume and Easter Surprise in July for the Spring book.

These stories will make you laugh. Cry. Feel joy. Experience sorrow. Collectively they form a kaleidoscope of life’s multifaceted seasons. Available February 1, 2014 through Amazon.

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