Ask Cynthia a Question – January 22, 2013

Cindy BriggsDon asked: What’s your favorite way to cook and/or season salmon? How can I tell if fish is fresh when I’m buying it at the market?

My answer: I like salmon cooked all different ways. I always season it unless of course it is steamed or poached. When I’m broiling, grilling or frying fish I use a seasoning called Cajun’s Choice Blackened Seasoning (Original) because it has loads of flavor with much less sodium compared to other seasonings. When I blacken salmon I use a lot more of the same seasoning and then I blacken it in a cast iron pan over heat as high as the grill will give us. I order Cajun’s Choice at I season the fish even when I make dishes like the Recipe of the Week. It make the fish flavor pop!

Fish Market ImageHow to know when fish is fresh: 1) Fish should look moist, never dry. 2) To check fish for freshness I always give it the smell test; fresh fish doesn’t have a fishy odor. It will smell more like fresh water. 3) When buying a whole fish, look at its eyes. They should not be sunken or dry looking, the eyes should look fresh, like when the fish first comes out of the water. has more comprehensive information on how to select fresh fish and shellfish. Thanks for your question, Don, and good luck with your fish cooking endeavors.

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