Dachshund Learns to Spell

leon04c“Do you want to go for a walk with Leon and me tonight?” Ed asked as we were cleaning up the dinner dishes.

Bam! Leon torpedoed through his pet door and began jumping, flailing and dancing at our feet in the middle of the kitchen floor. Oops! Ed should have spelled w-a-l-k.

We sometimes forget we have an eavesdropping dachshund that goes completely out of control the moment he hears certain four letter words. Ed’s slip of the tongue had incited chaos. On such occasions, Leon becomes so frenzied that we can’t secure the collar and leash around his neck without accidentally pinching him in the clasp.

When it’s time for an evening jaunt, the four letter word heel is somewhat meaningless to Leon without strict enforcement. M-a-i-l is another four letter word we either spell or whisper with caution as Leon perceives picking up the mail as his time of day for running about unsupervised.

He relishes in teasing and tormenting his neighboring canines as if to say, “Neener! Neener! I’m walking on your grass getting the mail with my dad, and you’re stuck behind a chain link gate! Ha! Ha!” B-a-t-h is another mandatory spell.

Dachshunds are considered to be hunting hounds, but Leon is a bath hound. Like a playful baby seal, he runs splashing into the bath the moment he hears water running into the tub. Drying off after his dip is optional.

Ride, bone, play, ball, mail and food are some of the four letter words that are sure to catch Leon’s attention. If he hears us say anything about the car, such as ride, nod our head toward the carport, or if he sees one of us standing near the car, he begins yipping and running circles in the grass. For his own safety we can’t drive away without him.

Dogs are engaging creatures that make us laugh when we see them running pell mell into action with their ears flipped back in “flying ace” position or by their enthusiastic energy over simple pleasures like walking, riding, or playing.

Man’s best friend demonstrates unconditional love whether it’s by covering our face with kisses, happily greeting us when we drag home after a long day or snuggling with us on the couch, which ultimately creates a mutually warm sense of trust, closeness and contentment.

Like many folks, Ed and I feel the love of our bright, brown-eyed weenie dog enriches our lives. So, what’s the big deal if pets occasionally turn tranquility into chaos just because they’re anticipating a r-i-d-e or playing fetch with a b-a-l-l? Although, I can’t help but wonder what mayhem will occur in our house if Leon ever learns to s-p-e-l-l.

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