Ask Cynthia a Question – February 23, 2015


Dorothy asked: Are limes and lemons interchangeable in recipes?

My answer: In most recipes, it is acceptable to exchange lemons and limes. In all baking, cooking, dipping sauces, etc. using one in place of the other works fine. I wouldn’t however make a lemon margarita, a gin & lemon or squeeze lemon juice over Mexican or Thai food that clearly needs to be made with limes.

I have a refrigerator pie recipe that can be made with lemons or limes and it’s especially tasty made with half of each or what would be called Limon. Lime bars are every bit as delicious as lemon bars. Another note about limes is that when limes turn yellow they don’t become lemons, as some might think. A yellow lime is just a very ripe lime, although it looks exactly like a lemon and the difference in taste is ever so slight.

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