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Italians drink lattes and mochas nearly every day, just like Americans. True or False

Send your answer to to win a signed copy of any one of my books. Here’s a link to my Books page to choose the books you can win (scroll down to see the complete selection).

Congratulations to Cheryl King of Humble, Texas, who correctly answered the January question: does an egg have more food value if its yolk is a deeper gold color rather than light yellow? The answer is no. Cheryl is a cookbook collector and said Pork Chops & Applesauce adds another interesting book to her collection.

Karen Stone, of Dallas, Texas, is our February winner. She correctly answered the February question: when a lime turns yellow and looks exactly like a lemon, does that mean it has turned into a lemon? The answer is no. Karen chose Chicken Soup for the Soul: Finding My Faith as her prize.


Lasagna, Green Chili Chicken3


A chef at an Italian Restaurant in southern New Mexico swore me to secrecy about the origin of Green Chile Chicken Lasagna. I have, however, sliced it, diced it, and switched-up the ingredients to the point that it’s probably safe to share the recipe with others. Dinner doesn’t get much better when you serve this lasagna with a tossed green salad and chilled white wine.



Stuffed Zucchini Boats create an impressive presentation with a mouthwatering bundle of flavors that are too tempting to resist – even for zucchini skeptics.


Italy, Italian Cuisine 3-2015


I’ve chosen Silvia’s Cucina as the Blog of the Month. It’s a blog that’s full-blown Italian and it makes me feel like I’m dining in an Italian restaurant…in Tuscany or Milan!

Sylvia’s major food and cooking categories are Pasta with Oven Roasted Vegetables, Rice, Soup and preserves touts Leek Potato and Cannellini Beans Soup,  and Sides and light dishes offer Panzanella Bread SaladChicken Sausage and Pumpkin Bake from the Meat, fish and vegetarian second courses category and Pizza, breads and other starchy goods look divine with Spelt and Oats No-Knead Bread.  Sweets, cakes, candy and all things naughty and nice are in a category all their own with my personal choice Walnut Dark Chocolate and Honey Flourless Cake, which deserves an OMG dessert award as the Italian decadent delight.

While you’re taking a peek at Sylvia’s Cucina, check out her first cookbook, which is simply titled, Sylvia’s Cucina by Sylvia Colloca. Before you know it, you’ll be planning your next Italian dinner party.



Twelve of the best chain Italian Restaurants rated by Kitchen Daily. See if your favorite Italian eatery is on the top 10 list.



Add pizzazz to your next dinner party by serving my Wild Italian Stallion Salad. It’s much like, what today we’d call a Chopped Salad.  Shoot me an e-mail at requesting a copy of the recipe and I’ll be glad to send it to you. The story accompanying the salad is about the Italian Stallion, Progressive and Caveman dinner parties we had back in the 70s. If you have a copy of Pork Chops & Applesauce the story and recipe is on page 29.


Cupcake, Dusted w Powdered Sugar


Dress up cakes, cupcakes or desserts by putting cocoa powder or powdered sugar in a fine sieve and then gently shake it to dust tops of baked goods. A doily helps to make a pretty design but, as seen above, it’s not necessary to add a light and pretty touch.



How many of these things do you do with pasta and sauce?

Watch a video on how to cook pasta properly.


rose cake


In this video, learn how to make an Italian Rose Cake. It’s called a Rose Cake because after it’s baked, it looks like a bouquet of roses. This is not something one could whip up in a short amount of time but it certainly looks well worth the effort to treat your guests to an Italian influenced dessert.



An interesting excerpt about eating habits in Italy: Another thing you might find different (from the U.S.) is the time we have meals. We have breakfast around 7 AM and we have a different coffee from yours, the famous espresso (not lattes or mochas), and yogurt or milk with cereals or a fruit. Lunch is around 1 PM that includes pasta and dinner around 8-9 PM without pasta. - Read the full Q & A: Italian Culture Customs & Traditions



Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. ~Doug Larson


Italy, Coffee Cup w I Love Italy Written in Foam


Joleene asked: What is the most interesting food or custom you found when you traveled to Italy?

CB’s answer: I’ve not been to Italy, although I hope to go some day, so I can’t answer you from personal experiences. I did ask a few friends who have traveled Italy.

Bunny said it was intriguing to her that people don’t linger at the coffee bars the way we might at Starbucks. While their espresso is brewing they talk ninety miles per hour to each other, then they shoot down their espresso (not usually a latte or mocha like us) and then they’re off. She said, “It’s really funny, totally different than what I expected at Italian coffee bars.”

Lynda said, “They eat fresh. Everything is fresh, not much commercially processed foods as we do here in the states. In addition, a dinner reservation is for the entire evening, they don’t turn tables like we often experience. The check won’t come until it’s asked for.”

Jim found it interesting that most restaurants are family owned, and the waiters are usually part of the family. Being a waiter is their career not a summer job for a student as we’re accustomed to here in the states.

All three said the predominance of seafood and fish in the coastal areas was surprising, as we don’t often associate fish with Italian cuisine. All three said, “The pizza is fabulous…it’s thin crust and made simply with few ingredients; and the Italian breads and bakeries are fantastic.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to buy a one-way ticket…Thank you, Joleen, for your question.


Next month “Old-Fashion Recipes” is the theme in Country Cook News. Expect a visit back in time with Grandmother’s Jell-O salads, Mom’s 50s meatloaf and Aunt Von’s sticky buns.


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